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Abe Lincoln in Illinois (a.k.a.: That really old Lincoln movie)

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In case there’s a rival film snob reading this, I’d like to clarify something: This is NOT about “Abraham Lincoln“, the 1930 movie by D.W.Griffith. This is about the 1940 movie by RKO Pictures, well known for ‘Citizen Kane’, ‘King Kong’ and a bunch of stylish cheap movies (Isle of the Dead, Curse of the Cat People.)

In it’s time, ‘Abe Lincoln in Illinois’,¬†directed by the now-unknown John Cromwell,¬†was critically acclaimed and nominated for 2 acadamy awards. (note; there were only 18 award categories at the time, as opposed to 24 today.) Today it is almost unknown, and stands as a sad example of how easily the film industry forgets it’s past.

Let's see who's been naughty this year...

Let’s see who’s been naughty this year…

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