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And Then There Were None (Russian version)

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Agatha Christie’s murder mystery “And Then There Were None” was the mother of all murder stories. Published in the late 1930’s, it is apparently one of the 10 best-selling novels in history (over 100 million copies sold). According to wikipedia, the novel has been adapted to film at least six times.

Out of all of them, none of them keep the original ending. In the novel, no one is left at the end (as one should expect from a book called “And Then There Were None”.) Yet every movie version saves two characters, the male and female leads, so they can live happily ever after.

Ten passengers set sail that day, for a three-hour tour...

Ten passengers set sail that day, for a three-hour tour…

…Except this one! The Russian cult movie “Desyat Negrityat” (Десять негритят) keeps almost every detail true to the book. Continue reading



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I almost never see modern movies. So this will probably never happen again, but… Let’s talk about Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

Despite Lincoln’s success, none of my friends had mentioned it to me. The theater I saw it in was filled with old people. I myself wouldn’t have gone if my father hadn’t. Why wouldn’t people my age (almost 20) be interested? They rushed to see ‘The Artist’ and ‘Cloud Atlas’, so why not Lincoln?

"Darling, I feel all tingly for some reason..."

“Nonsense dear! We’re staying for the whole production, and nothing bad will happen…”

Perhaps because nothing about Lincoln can be called “innovative” or “exhilarating”. Nothing like the trendy, “mind-expanding” Cloud Atlas. For all it’s praise, Lincoln really is just a conventional movie. So, no one cares that it’s a good conventional movie? A movie whos intelligence comes through in the script and the acting, not “concept” or “controversy”? Lincoln’s quality does not come from its ideas or pretentions, it comes from the work of a few very talented men, and a lot of common-sense moviemaking. Continue reading