Introspection Tower

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“Introspection Tower” (mikaeri no to, みかへりの搭) is a movie by Shimizu Hiroshi, an important Japanese Director of the 30’s and 40’s. When I was looking up reviews of the movie, I read one that said it was on the “lower tier” of Shimizu Hiroshi’s work, and I flew into a small rage. I knew I someone would have to correct this: Introspection Tower is his masterpiece.

The setting is a Japanese reform school. Before we begin, we watch a tour guide talking to ‘prospective parents’ as he explains how the school works. Most of the curriculum is practical in nature (farming and such.) Since it’s located in a remote mountain area, it looks more like a summer camp then a school.

 “last year, the number of bed-wettings reached 2,317. It is beyond our control.” [actual quote]

“last year, the number of bed-wettings reached 2,317. It is beyond our control.” [actual quote]

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In the Beginning…

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I think good weblogs need origin stories. In that sense they are like superheroes. Here is how this one came into being:

I was sitting in my friend Wayne’s room. There Wayne (a girl) sat typing away on her computer, clearly bored to death by my presence. For my part, I tried to make myself as boring as possible, making some inane comment about class assignments. All of a sudden, Caine’s roommate burst into the scene, and asked if she wanted to do some social activity!

But Blaine said “No, I’m busy finishing this article for my blog.

Curious, I asked her “You have a blog?”

With coldness to chill a thousand volcanoes, Lane replied “Why, yes. Even a monkey can have a blog.”

The spore of an idea was planted in my brain. A weblog. An opportunity to express my various passions and personality disorders to the world! I was overwhelmed with possibilities, hopes and doubts. Surely, this is the sensation God felt as he floated above the insubstantial void and declared “Let there be light!”…

So now I have a blog. In all seriousness, this blog will mostly be about movies, mixed with anything personal or anything I feel like. Oddly enough, it was exactly today, three years ago, that my obsession with movies began (really, this is documented.) So now is the time to start.

I’ll try not to talk too much or too pretentiously. I’ve sworn off talking about cinematography for more then a paragraph, because I dislike it when reviewers do that to try and sound smart. This blog is dedicated to Dwayne, the one who started it all. Now, let’s begin!

The Greatest adventure is what lies ahead!

The Greatest adventure is what lies ahead!


Next time on ashita-no-weblog, Will attempts to post actual content on his infant website! Content in which angry Japanese schoolchildren must live together, surrounded by wilderness. No, this is not Battle Royale, this is…