Russian Animation: Trees, Cats and Fish

This is a short post, about some short animated films. They are both from the Soviet Union, by the director Yevgeny Sivokon. I wanted to show them to people, but they didn’t seem to warrant a review. (Posts like this will happen occasionally. consider this “between episodes”.)

(you can find a better video pretty easily. I just had some trouble getting it to play here.)

“The Tree and the Cat” (Дерево и кошка) is very sweet. an ironic fable about love. The animation is rough in some parts (it’s the USSR, 1983. what did you expect?) but the music is quite beautiful. Disney can’t buy such a lovely tune.

Though not as loveable, “Laziness” (лень) is darkly humorous, and the animation is unique and confident. The layered, cutout, collage-like style is a trademark of Soviet animation. Yuri Norstein and Karel Zeman are the masters of that style. Anyone interested in animation should watch as many East European cartoons as he can. They’ve made all the most unusual and artistic works of cartooning.

Thanks for reading. New full-length article coming soon!


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